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Information for Grant Applicants

The Grant Application Process...... Simplified!

We have many years experience assisting sports clubs and associations with their grant applications and project delivery. Below is a summary of the process many of our customers have followed to ensure a successful project outcome.

1. Decide which sport your field/fields/playing areas will be used for and what level of competition your club/association will play. For Example: 

  • Semi-professional play requires a higher lighting level than an amateur level of play. 
  • Cricket and baseball require a higher lighting level that other ball sports. 
  • Each sport has a relative Australian Standard which details the lighting level required to ensure your insurance and regulatory requirements are met. 

2. Obtain a lighting design for the area you wish to utilise. We can assist you with this item at no cost.

3.  Seek support from local government and or your sporting association representatives for your proposed project. Local government and association support will add considerable weight  to any grant application and boost your club's chances of success! 

4.  Obtain a budget estimate from an experienced sports lighting installation contractor. Sports lighting is a specialist field of work, and if not completed precisely, your completed installation may not meet the necessary standards required to ensure your club meets its insurance and regulatory obligations. A specialist contractor will guarantee that the installation will meet or exceed the lighting design intent. The budget estimate will also allow you to make a decision as to where your funding may come from. 

5. Check with local government as to whether a development approval (DA) will be required. 

6. Lock in a scope of work to be completed. This can be discussed during the budget estimate but needs to be addressed before going to market for quotes. This will ensure you can compare quotes appropriately and accurately. (Apples with Apples!) 

7. Go to market to obtain quotes for the work to be completed. 

8. Submit grant application, together with quotes, development applications and letters of support from local government, sports associations etc. 

9. Once your grant has been awarded, engage your selected sports lighting professional to complete the work. Government assistance is available to assist you with this process.

Should you require any further information or assistance please contact us  at anytime. 

We are always here to help!